The Choco-locate iPhone app and Choco-locate website help people track, rate and review chocolate according to their preferences.
Odd Society Online

A massively multiplayer online game (MMO) where players collaborate to combat enemies and to build a highly stylized fantasy world.
Les enfants de la Bolduc

This project commemorates the 70th anniversary of the death of singer La Bolduc. A rethinking of online archiving and mobile broadcasting which invites the public to participate in a dialogue.

Experimental Stream

The Experimental Stream supports the creation of leading-edge, interactive, digital media content and software applications.  Projects funded through this program must be developed for commercial use by the Canadian media industry or public use by Canadians.  Projects can be supported at the development, production and marketing stages.

Funding is allocated according to a selective process using an evaluation matrix.  For projects at the production stage, their innovative quality was assessed by a jury of Canadian and international industry experts.  Their bios can be found on the Canada Media Fund (CMF) web site.  The CMF thanks jury members for their contribution to the success of this program.

The wealth of content and technological innovation demonstrated in the selected projects was truly remarkable.  Several new approaches to engage with users were proposed, testifying to the creativity of the Canadian interactive digital media industry.  The majority of digital projects funded this year through the CMF’s Experimental Stream are expected to hit the market starting in 2012-2013.

In 2010-2011, the CMF contributed $27 million to 77 projects through the Experimental Stream.  As shown in the charts on the right, almost 80% of funding was allocated to projects at the production stage, while projects at the development (23 projects) and marketing (12 projects) stages each received approximately 10% of funding.

A total of 42 innovative production projects were selected, and received $21.3 million in funding, triggering almost twice that amount -over $39 million- in production budgets.  Selected projects included console and on-line games, both stand-alone and multi-player, interactive web content such as web series and portals, including social networking, apps for smartphones and software, both as service and stand-alone applications.  These projects originated from across the country, including BC, the Prairies, Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada.  Average production budgets exceeded $900,000.

Project descriptions can be found on the CMF web site.

Experimental stream funding by language, content type, and target audience

Production $M Funding % # of projects $M Budgets
English 10.1 47 19 21.5
Bilingual 6.9 32 12 11.1
French 4.3 21 11 6.6
Game 10.3 48 18 22.7
Interactive Web Content 4.7 22 12 6.6
Software 3.5 17 6 6.0
Mobile Application 2.8 13 6 3.9
Total 21.3 100 42 39.2
Development $M Funding % # of projects $M Budgets
English 0.9 28 7 1.7
Bilingual 1.5 47 8 2.2
French 0.8 25 8 1.1
Total 3.2 100 23 5.0
Marketing $M Funding % # of projects $M Budgets
English 1.4 56 7  
Bilingual 0.6 24 4  
French 0.5 20 1  
Total 2.5 100 12 4.9


The Experimental Stream was highly oversubscribed in 2010-2011: over 400 project applications were received.

Sources of Financing for Experimental Stream Projects

In 2010-2011, the CMF provided over half of Experimental Stream production budgets, with a 54% share of funding. Producer investments made up the largest share after CMF with a 24% share of funding. Provincial governments contributed through tax credits and their funding agencies while the federal government’s participation came mostly from the SRED tax credit. Distributor financing (encompassing portals, broadcasters, and foreign participants) provided a total of 4% of financing.

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