Rookie Blue

Sales: Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden,  Worldwide (excluding USA)

Average Minute Audience: 1,805,000
Dieu Merci!

A group of artists walk through a door to find themselves in a setting where they do not know who they embody, nor to what they will confront.
Papo & Yo

An interactive fable in which the primal relationship between parent and child is brilliantly allegorized in the tale of a monster and his small friend.

Experimental Stream - Production

Applicant(s) Project Title Language Region Platform Project Type Funding ($) Description
2237933 Ontario Inc. Sceneverse English TO Internet, Mobile Application $1,000,000 Lead by Canadian punkers, Sceneverse is a new social, mobile, online and augmented reality experience that will redefine how people “make” culture on the Web. It is the first media platform dedicated to supporting and enabling cultural “scenes”. An easy and fun way for people to celebrate, commemorate and coordinate all of their digital and non
digital “sceneing” activities.
2904802 Canada Inc. Bot Colony English MTL Internet Game $1,000,000 Bot Colony players will learn or improve English skills as an integral part of gameplay in this online adventure.
Bight Interactive Inc. Scallywags English PEI Internet, Mobile Game $269,352 Scallywags players will explore the world as they hunt for treasure in this pirate-themed geocaching adventure.
Btwxt Games Inc. Swarm! The World! English BC Internet, Mobile Game $800,000 Swarm! The World! players will acquire, nurture, and trade armies of swarms to capture, fortify, hold, and grow their territories.
CBC Kids' CBC Augmented Reality English TO Internet Alternate Reality Game $434,400 Kids’ CBC children will explore augmented reality and will interact with 3D images rendered on screen by their own movements through a webcam and digital marker.
Herd Inc. Herd English TO Internet, Mobile Application $599,250 Herd is a brand new mobile application and community platform created for locationbased music discovery and social connectivity. Herd streams geo-tagged, GPS­enabled music files to a community which can then share songs based on location. It provides a revolutionary user experience that lets artists and labels reconnect with an audience that has the power to virally spread their music.
Hungry Eyes Film & Television Inc. Music Biz English TO Mobile Game $585,000 In the Music Biz application, players build their own music label into three main areas: developing artists and managing their careers, producing music, and selling records. The game gives users the opportunity to stage world tours, create merchandise and movies, and even design their own clothing label. A community will also be built, giving users the ability to share their music with each other and "Like" it. Music Biz utilizes very simple touch screen controls so that experienced users feel in control, but its intuitive design will enable anyone to play.
Inspirado Games Inc. Garden Mind English BC Internet Game $100,000 GardenMind players complete brain training challenges and actively support real-world philanthropic causes to grow their virtual garden.
Interdimensional Games Inc. Consortium, Pilot Episode Zenlil English BC Internet, PC Game $500,000 Consortium is the world's first 3D interactive TV series and is pushing the boundaries of interactive storytelling and character development.
Jet Black Games Inc. Sketchpad Plus English BC Game Console Game $240,169 Sketchpad Plus enables users to draw basic to complex designs on their Nintendo DS using unique smooth line drawing technology.
MoboVivo Inc. Previiw English AB Internet Application Software $430,725 Previiw is a social TV platform that enables broadcasters and producers to seamlessly combine the active engagement of social media with the more passive experience of traditional TV viewing, allowing audiences to interact with TV shows using the web, mobile apps, iPads, and Smart TVs, and share clips on social media, blogs, and affiliate websites.
My City Lives Inc My City Lives Mobile Project English TO Mobile Application $586,686 With My City Lives Mobile, users can learn about places to visit in the city through a growing library of geo-tagged videos contributed by the user community.
ODD1 Inc. ODD SOCIETY ONLINE English MTL Internet Game $311,250 ODD SOCIETY ONLINE will be a massively multiplayer online game (MMO) where players will collaborate to combat ennemies and to build a highly stylized fantasy world.
Peace Point Entertainment Group Inc. Olson Anytime Anywhere Recipe Maker English TO Mobile Application $302,093 With Olson Anytime Anywhere Recipe Maker users, under the tutelage of Anna and Michael Olson, will generate recipes based on specific ingredients available to them in their kitchen.
Shaftesbury Big Break Inc. BIG BREAK English TO Mobile Application $639,044 Big Break consists of 13 original live-action ‘appisodes” featuring entertainment, music, celebrity and performance themes where tweens can create their own content and share it with others within a fully moderated community.
Smokebomb Entertainment Inc. URL English TO Mobile Game $787,500 URL is a sci-fi mystery series blending first rate storytelling and animation with interactive gaming, all released in eye-popping glasses-free 3D for 3D friendly mobile platforms. Capitalizing on Spatial View's 3Dee Slide technology, mobile devices can quickly be transformed into a 3D platform. Shaftesbury Films and Smokebomb Entertainment, working with Starz Animation, will fill these screens with an actionpacked thriller that puts the viewer directly into the story via integrated gaming, giving them control over how the story unfolds, all targeted at the early adopter market of males/females aged 18 to 34.
Totally Random Productions Inc. Totally Random English ON Internet Website $750,000 Totally Random will enable kids to engage with each other in an online playground where they will create and share youthful, random ideas.
VeriCorder Technology Inc. Hyper Local Network English BC Interactive TV Application $471,138 Hyper Local Network allows users to create videos, including video ads, and to post them automatically to IPTV sites administered by APTN. The Hyper Local Network system will also automate the creation and posting of video ads into the content stream, monetizing the site.
Xenophile Media Inc. Time Tremors English TO Internet, Mobile Game $295,000 Time Tremors is a mobile and online game for kids aged 7-12—a multi-dimensional, multi-platform Treasure Hunt in which players explore space, time and alternate dimension to hunt, collect and trade a range of mysterious and bewildering Relics known as The Time Elements. The game leads the player through a labyrinthine quest of discovery and wonder in an absorbing multi-platform experience.
Absolunet Inc. J.E. Participe! (JEP) French MTL Internet Website $251,555 J.E. Participe! will engage the users in the world of entrepreneurialism.
Cirrus Communications Inc. Burquette sur le web French MTL Internet Website $403,233 Burquette sur le web enables fans of the comic strip to view 2D animated shorts of the strip, interact with characters and the the author, and participate in the creation of new strips.
Creo Inc. Game for Science / Science en Jeu French MTL Internet Game $855,475 Game for Science / Science en Jeu players will solve problems, search for clues, share hints with friends, conduct lab experiments, choose appropriate equipment, and learn from the experts in a captivating scientific virtual world.
La Presse Télé Ltée Zieuter.TV French MTL Internet Interactive Web series $264,722 Zieuter.TV users will immerse themselves in “overheard conversations”.
Lusio Films Inc. Les Enfants de la Bolduc French MTL Internet Website $525,000 Les Enfants de la Bolduc is a transmedia project commemorating the 70th anniversary of the death of singer Mary Rose-Anna Travers. The project is a rethinking of online archiving and mobile broadcasting which invites the public to participate in a dialogue. Using the web, geo-locating mobile platforms and a traveling interactive installation that will be touring the music festivals, the audience will discover the legacy of the artist known as La Bolduc.
Phéromone The Multi- platform Mobile Application Generator French MTL Mobile Application Software $120,000 The Multi-platform Mobile Application Generator for Cultural Events is a tool that enables the rapid creation of mobile applications with the goal of promoting social interactions around cultural events.
Phéromone / ODD1 Inc. Jeu de Management d'Équipe Sportive pour Réseaux Sociaux French MTL Internet Game $521,250 This game, available on the Web, gives the player the opportunity to act as the manager of a sports team. The players will be able to build their own team, hire a coach, plan practice sessions, develop game strategies, trade players and manage the salary cap. This project will offer socialization through blogs, reviews, forums, chats, player profiles, statistics and even a market to trade players. The first game for RDS, it will be integrated into their social network Le Grand Club (250,000 active members).
Télé-Québec Parental
Control Tool and Game Generator
French MTL Internet Website $108,240 Parental Control Tool and Game Generator (Web Site) allows users to quickly produce games especially tailored for young people. It comes with a Control Panel that provides parents a measure of their learning.
Toxa Inc. Unique French MTL Internet Website $576,123 Unique is a series of interactive, multiplatform micro-travel guides exhibiting a selection of essential addresses for major cities around the world. Each micro-guide provides an experience that is both fun and sensory putting the user at the heart of the action by offering a customized virtual visit. Unique micro‐travel guides offer two complementary features to users: interactive video clips and an interactive application to create itineraries and personalized recommendations called "My UNIQUE guide."
Tungsten Original Inc. Fréquences French MTL Internet Interactive Web series $221,055 Fréquences is a fictional series that offers a unique sensory experience and tell the unsettling story of a group of guinea pigs imprisoned and subjected to the influence of a strange device.
ZONE3 XXX III Inc. Le guide de votre vie French MTL Internet Interactive Web series $511,973 Le guide de votre vie, sur le Web et sur iPhone/iPod, is an absurd humorous Web­capsule series based on the different situations of daily life.
7168799 Canada Inc. Project Contrast Bilingual MTL Game Console Game $635,540 Project Contrast plunges the player into the world of a dying mind where they must journey through vivid memories, long-harboured fears and emotions. In the world of Contrast, shadows act as the mind’s reflections—a canvas upon which memories and thoughts exist within the absence of light. Players discover these secret stories by illuminating the world around them.
9178-6574 Quebec Inc. X-Agora Bilingual MTL Multiple Platforms Application $1,000,000 X-Agora will be a multimedia technology platform that transforms public spaces into interactive culture experiences.
Brain Center International inc. NeuroActive Mental Coach - Golf Bilingual QC PC Game $664,126 NeuroActive Mental Coach-GOLF will engage golf enthusiasts in an entertaining way, while helping them improve their mental game.
Frima Studio Inc. Nun Attack Bilingual QC Multiple Platforms Game $565,268 Nun Attack is a Tower Defence-type multiplatform game for youth. It uses specific game interfaces designed for each platform on which the game will be available: mobile, tablet computer, video game consoles and computer. The game features a ragtag group of 5 over-the-top nuns traveling through space and time to accomplish different funny and absurd missions. With Nun Attack, the player takes on the role of the assailant rather than that of the traditional defender.
Frima Studio Inc. The Tripoli Family Bilingual QC Game Console Game $686,034 The Tripoli Family will engage party game lovers in a zany adventure through the lives of a family of reality show participants.
Minority Media Inc. Papo & Yo Bilingual MTL Game Console Game $1,000,000 Papo & Yo is an emotional simulation, an innovative new genre of video game. In Papo & Yo, Vander Caballero and colleagues have created an interactive fable in which the primal relationship between parent and child is brilliantly allegorized in the tale of a monster and his small friend.
Pug Pharm Productions Inc. Bilingual BC Internet Website $369,620 is the first “truly social” web and mobile gameplay experience. Simple minigames reward successful players with branded/interest-based virtual items that let players connect with entirely new networks for likeminded friends, share gifts among existing friends—or even win real prizes!
Radiant Media Inc. Juicr Bilingual TO Internet, Mobile Website $366,751 Juicr's groundbreaking utility will bring real business value to existing networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter through the application of technologies associated with the next generation, "intelligent internet". Juicr will create a navigable, composite picture of Canada's creative industries, and will help Canadian professionals expand existing opportunities and discover new ones.
Silicon Sisters Interactive Inc. Caseworker Kate Bilingual BC Mobile, Game Console, PC Game $222,821 Caseworker Kate players will tap into their intuition, problem solving skills, networking, and empathy, as well as "secret healing powers" to help students in a fictional school deal with realistic and relevant teenage challenges.
Superstring Media Inc. Virtuoso Music Creation Software Bilingual MB Internet Application Software $20,000 Virtuoso Music Creation Software is real-time music creation software for musicians, educators, producers and hobbyists using a patented technology that allows the user to experience a creative sensation and capture the results in an intuitive, interactive, and unrestricted movement using devices available now and to be developed in the future.
Trapdoor Inc. WARP Bilingual MTL Game Console Game $946,099 WARP is an action/adventure game with an emergent mix of stealth, action, puzzle and exploration gameplay. In WARP, you play as a Zero, an alien scout imprisoned deep beneath the ocean in a top-secret base. The unique visual and gameplay styles give WARP a distinct newness attracting 18-35 year old male gamers.
Tribal Nova Inc. APPyWorld Bilingual MTL Mobile Application $390,000 Available on tablets, AppyWorld is an assortment of edutainment applications for children ages 3 to 6, which serve to develop their creativity and to support discovery and enlightenment. The 5 individual applications are linked together, and can be customized to enrich each child’s experience and to provide an approach adapted to their needs and progress.


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