Papo & Yo

An interactive fable in which the primal relationship between parent and child is brilliantly allegorized in the tale of a monster and his small friend.
Rookie Blue

Sales: Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden,  Worldwide (excluding USA)

Average Minute Audience: 1,805,000
Dieu Merci!

A group of artists walk through a door to find themselves in a setting where they do not know who they embody, nor to what they will confront.

Experimental Stream - Development and Marketing

Applicant(s) Project Title Region Plateform Project Type Funding ($)
8 Leaf Digital Productions Inc. Biba Mobile Application BC Internet Application $95,568
EOA Scientific Systems Incorporated ScienceSchoolHouse Interactive Educational Exercises NS Internet Application $69,764
Frima Studio Inc. Lives and Death QC Game Console Game $257,373
Sarbakan Inc. Wolfbane QC Game Console Game $124,349
Sinking Ship Interactive Inc. Dino Finder TO Internet Website $52,000
Smoking Gun Interactive Inc. Freefall Racers BC Game Console Game $229,987
Tactile Audio Displays Inc. Tactile Audio Display TO Internet Application Software $59,625
Number of English projects: 7 Total Commitments: $888,666
9227-9561 Québec Inc. Amdertoo MTL Internet Application Software $111,610
Cirrus Communications Inc. / SRC Émilie MTL Internet Website $102,350
Couzin Films Inc. Tous seuls ensemble MTL Internet Alternate Reality Game $74,185
Inpix Media Inc. Ma vie en musique MTL Internet Website $77,292
Lusio Films Inc. Les Enfants de la Bolduc MTL Internet Website $65,906
Net2 Evolution inc. MTL Internet Website $195,132
Productions l'unité centrale inc. / Espresso productions inc. REC MTL Internet Website $105,200
Toxa Inc. / Encore Télévision Inc. Disparus MTL Internet Website $105,580
Number of French projects: 8 Total Commitments: $837,255
Bedlam Games Inc. Neuromancer TO Internet Game $324,102
Espresso productions inc. Nomad MTL Internet Website $69,650
Frima Studio Inc. Baby Frima Interactive Toys QC Mobile Application Software $137,416
Minority Media Inc. The Silent Enemy MTL Game Console Game $225,000
Productions ELEKTRATEK inc. U SEND LIVE MTL Other Application $82,455
Studio In the Sky / Metalworks Group Studio In the Sky TO Internet Other $309,375
Trinôme inc. MTL Internet Website $150,000
Zeros 2 Heroes Media Inc. / The Dream Detective Media Properties Inc. ARG Development Engine BC Internet Alternate Reality Game $150,000
Number of Bilingual projects: 8 Total Commitments: $1,447,998

Experimental Stream - Marketing

Applicant(s) Project Title Region Plateform Project Type Funding ($)
Blackbird Interactive Inc. Hard|Ware BC Internet Game $200,000
Invoke Media Inc. memesuite BC Internet Website $120,195
Invoke Media Inc. Social Viewing Companion BC Internet Application $146,130
Irok2 Media Inc. Irok2 BC Internet Game $397,927
LeanIn Inc. Yelse Video Plugin TO Internet Application $250,000
Stagename Inc. Rap Rivals: Rise from the Streets TO Mobile Game $85,707
Zuzee Interactive Inc. Zuzee BC Internet Website $175,074
Number of English projects: 7 Total Commitments: $1,375,033
Genia Inc. La course à l'oracle QC Internet Game $497,500
Number of French projects: 1 Total Commitments: $497,500
Brain Center International inc. NeuroActive Mental Coach QC PC Game $225,413
  - Golf        
Frima Studio Inc. The Tripoli Family QC Game Console Game $207,882
PO-MO Inc. PO-MOtion MB Internet Website $61,875
UgroupMedia inc. Père Noël portable (PNP) MTL Internet Website $127,500
Number of Bilingual projects: 4 Total Commitments: $622,670


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