Rookie Blue

Sales: Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden,  Worldwide (excluding USA)

Average Minute Audience: 1,805,000
Dieu Merci!

A group of artists walk through a door to find themselves in a setting where they do not know who they embody, nor to what they will confront.
Papo & Yo

An interactive fable in which the primal relationship between parent and child is brilliantly allegorized in the tale of a monster and his small friend.

English POV Program

Approved production applications for the English POV Program as of March 31, 2011 are listed below.

Approved applications are shown with the title of the convergent project, the applicant production company, region of production, project component viewing platform, the second platform meeting the convergence criteria, the content type of the digital media component,  and the amount committed to each component. If the digital media component receives no funding from the CMF, it will not appear on this list. For inter-provincial co-productions, the region of control reflects the residence of the majority co-producer and the location of principal photography.

Convergent Project Title Applicant(s) Region Platform 2nd Platform / Content Type Funding ($)
Chubby Chaser Chaser Films Inc. TO TV Video on Demand $134,980
Citizen Marc Relevision Productions Inc. BC TV Rich & Substantial Digital Media $228,667
Disfarmer: A Portrait of America Public Pictures TO TV Video on Demand $38,550
High Five Family of Five Productions Inc. BC TV Rich & Substantial Digital Media $87,275
Internet Website $7,500
  Total $94,775
Recessionize! For Fun and Profit! Capitalism Works Inc. TO TV Video on Demand $112,986
Semisweet: The Other Side of Chocolate  2171777 Ontario Inc. dba Breakout Media TO TV Rich & Substantial Digital Media $180,000
2265679 Ontario Incorporated dba Chocolocate  TO Mobile Application $40,000
      Total $220,000
Smoke Traders Rezolution Pictures (Smoke Traders) Inc. MTL TV Digital Distribution $210,483
Number of projects: 7       Total Commitments: $1,040,441


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