Papo & Yo

An interactive fable in which the primal relationship between parent and child is brilliantly allegorized in the tale of a monster and his small friend.
Rookie Blue

Sales: Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden,  Worldwide (excluding USA)

Average Minute Audience: 1,805,000
Dieu Merci!

A group of artists walk through a door to find themselves in a setting where they do not know who they embody, nor to what they will confront.

Message from the Chair

In May 2009, the Government of Canada unveiled a national initiative to develop a digital economy strategy for Canada, bringing significant players from the industry, government and academic sector to the table. The Canada Media Fund (CMF) is proud to be an integral part of that foundation, by fostering innovation and leveraging private investment, putting Canadian creativity at the centre of the international digital stage.

Indeed, the CMF enables Canadian media talent to achieve its highest potential in funding multi-platform delivery in the Convergent Stream and technological and business innovation through the Experimental Stream. As a result, CMF-funded projects advance the development of expertise and infrastructure, especially the growth of connectivity, as audiences here and abroad seek greater access to Canadian programs and products.

With the objectives of this strategy in mind, the CMF Board held its first planning session in October 2010 to set priorities and determine strategic objectives. The Board determined that two overriding principles should guide CMF policy development: 1) Simplification; and 2) Rewarding Success.  These principles were subsequently articulated in the CMF’s business plan and program budget for 2011-12.

The CMF has stayed committed to best practices in corporate governance in all of its undertakings. A comprehensive summary on the work of the Board and its Committees is provided as part of this annual report.

In reviewing the Program for 2010-2011, the CMF launched a comprehensive consultation process on the inaugural Guidelines and year-to-date program results. The CMF held a total of 23 outreach sessions in 19 cities across the country, stopping in every province and territory. These sessions were open to all stakeholders and the public, and more than 550 participants attended. 

The CMF then held nine industry working groups with more than 40 industry representatives to consider key policy issues brought forward in the outreach sessions. On-line consultation tools were also introduced with the launch of a discussion forum on the CMF web site and an on-line survey.

We convey our sincere thanks to all those who provided so much time, knowledge and experience to assist the CMF in drafting program policies that reflect the needs of the industry. The high level of engagement and interest demonstrated a real desire to make this Fund work.

Four meetings were held with the CMF’s funders to inform them of progress made during the consultation process and to seek their perspectives. We express our gratitude to the Government of Canada and Canada’s cable and satellite distributors for their significant investment in Canadian production and innovation, ensuring an exceptional place in the digital future.

None of these advances could have been achieved without the extraordinary efforts of the CMF’s staff who exceeded highest expectations in the successful launch of the new programming streams.  I also wish to thank the staff of our Program Administrator, Telefilm Canada, for delivering our funding with a consistent commitment to client service and operational efficiency.

In the last quarter of this year, the CMF embarked on a joint initiative with Telefilm Canada that seeks to increase audiences at home and abroad for our content creators, providing economic and cultural benefits through the global impact of Canadian content and the new means we use to enjoy it. We look forward to the increased collaboration of our organizations on this new initiative and the exciting year ahead.

Louis Roquet

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